New Capabilities

I finally got some time to do some updating to Sewers. Here are the highlights so far (version 2012.11.30):

  • Smoother on-screen drawings. This should also cure an occasional printing related error
  • Fixed missing spec sheets
  • Added the full suite of Ecoflo biofilters: polyethylene and concrete w/ dosing chambers
  • Added support for Puraflo biofilters
  • Improved support for aerobic treatment units
  • Added Sta-Rite pumps (needed for the Ecoflo w/ dosing)
  • Cleaned up the report format
  • Improved support for disinfection
  • Added stream discharge (requires a PE signoff on your designs)
  • Fixed bug reporting system so that software errors are being sent again
  • Improved the auto-updating feature so that it is less likely to be blocked by Windows
  • Added Flout siphons

Some pages in the wizard have been moved to facilitate the new features.

There will be another update or two before the end of the year. If the auto-updating feature is not working for you, please download the installer from and re-install Sewers. Your data will not be affected with a re-installation.

If you have a wish list for what you want to see in Sewers, now is the time to share it with me ( Some additional capabilities currently under consideration:

  • Eljen GSF
  • Cost estimator tool
  • Pressure dosed trenches and beds
  • Drip irrigation
  • Micro mounds

So feel free to voice your opinion on what you would like to see in Sewers. No promises, but I’ll do what I can while my current schedule allows.


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Plot Plan saving, Preferences, Specsheets, Liberty Pumps

Due to problems with saving plot plans to the database, the plot plans are now saved directly to disk, without being stored in the database. Their file names include the design serial number or use a temporary ID until a serial number is assigned. Also, plot plans have a version number assigned if you save the plot plan more than once so that you never overwrite a plot plan. A keyboard shortcut ([ctrl][s]) has been added to facilitate saving a version when you want. You can use a previous plot plan for a new system using the File|Load menu item in the Plot Plan Editor.

There have been some issues reported regarding preferences not working as expected. The problem appeared to be due to letting each persona have its own preferences and to use the default persona’s preference when a named persona didn’t have a preference set. I think the issue is resolved now with today’s release (2011.01.02).

Due to changes from the legacy version of Sewers, specsheets were not being included in the designs. They are now.

Liberty FL100, FL150, and FL200 series pumps have been added to the pumps database.

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Plot Plan Editor Bug

It looks like I recently introduced a “copy and paste” bug in the code that launches the plot plan editor, preventing the plot plan editor from opening. Today’s version (2010.12.01) corrects the problem.

Today’s version also introduces a new behind the scenes feature that will let you email me debugging information if Sewers throws up an error message.

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Introducing Messages

This message system is a new feature in Sewers (as of version 2010.11.07) to keep our users informed. When you launch Sewers, the software will check to see if there are any new messages for Sewers users. If there are new messages, the messages will be loaded and displayed automatically.

If you want to open the message system directly, there is a menu item for it in the “Help” menu. Or you can visit in any web browser.

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