Prepaid Option

We’ve added a pre-pay option to Sewers to work around the issues with PayPal. Now you can pre-load your account to avoid using PayPal through Sewers. You can either send us a check or pay through the “Pay license fees” link on

The payment is credited to your account manually, so it may take a little time for it to enable.

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PayPal Issues

A few users have been having trouble purchasing through PayPal. If you get an “invalid transaction” message from PayPal, close Sewers, go to Internet Options in the Control Panel and delete your cookies (for most systems: click the Delete… button in the Browsing History section on the General tab, check Cookies and Website Data and then click the Delete button).

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Printing to PDF

For those of you who are having trouble finding the newly relocated PDF capabilities…

Click the “Print…” button on the design viewer. The old print dialog now has an option to choose between a printer or to save as a PDF. If you choose “Print to PDF” you will get another dialog when you click the “Print” button to choose a place to save the PDFs.

Sewers print dialog

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Eljen GSF

Sewers now includes Eljen GSF (Geotextile Sand Filter) mound systems. Manifold placement options (either end or center) and shallow limiting zones (< 20") are supported. At this time only pumped systems are supported.

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Merged PDF/Printing, updated siphons, and Singulairs

At version 2018.09.09 there are three changes of note:

  • Printing to PDFs has been merged with the regular printing routine, so the “Print to PDF…” button is gone.
  • The FD siphons have been updated. Some new 2″ ones have been added. Also, when the dose is high due to delivery line volume the software attempts to reduce the delivery line diameter according to manufacturer’s instructions. The factors that will trigger the attempt are: using a 3″ or 4″ siphon (they both have a 4″ discharge) and the minimum dose required due to the volume of the delivery line is larger than the dose would otherwise be (siphons require a 3 minute runtime, so often that is the culprit). The software then verifies that the friction does not cause more head than available before settling on a new diameter, if a smaller one will work at all. Friction is such a big issue because siphons have larger flow rates due to the larger lateral hole sizes required.
  • We have added Norweco’s Singulair 960 Hydro-Kinetic Bio-Film Reactor (HKBFR) systems discharged into at-grade beds.

Expect another big system type addition in the next week or two.

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EC7 Ecoflos

The new EC7 series of Ecoflos has been added to Sewers, including the new Pack systems (single unit handling septic, filter, and dose).

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Save as PDF is fixed

The problem saving to PDF in the previous version has been fixed at version 2015.05.29.

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Good news, bad news

The latest version of Sewers now contains all of the new Ecoflo Coco systems. That”s the good news.

The bad news is that the “Print to PDF” feature is not working properly since the update. It’s forcing the page size to be too wide and consequently the report won’t print correctly. I’m working on a fix, but it might take a little while as the print to PDF code is not all mine. A work around is to use a PDF print driver instead.

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Updated At-grade Guidance

Sewers has been updated to the latest (Feb 2014) guidance for at-grade discharge as of version 2014.06.03.

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Fix for connecting to website from Sewers

Some of you have been experiencing problems with reaching the website when checking in or paying for a system. It appears that something is blocking the connection. I think I have it mostly figured out, at least I am able to connect now myself. For now the solution is to install or update to the latest version (2013.10.08).

Update (2013.10.15):
My webhosting service has been blocking the connections because they have a similar signature to that of a new botnet. The solution I came up with above is the preferred long term solution (upgrading). For the short term they have turned off their botnet security on the affected urls. However, they will be turning the botnet security back on on November 1. You must upgrade to at least 2013.10.08 by then. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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